5 Steps to Personal Fulfillment

Step 1: Self-knowledge

Main topic: Self-knowledge - Main question: Who are you? – Number of identification questions: 6 – Number of analysis questions: 5 – Self-knowledge is pivotal if you want to get clarity and change your direction. The 6 identification questions are about who you are, and the 5 analysis questions will allow you to further explore identification questions. It might take some time to get to the answers. Be patient. The answers will eventually come. When they do, write them down in your notebook.


Step 1 – Self-knowledge: Identification questions Step 1 – Self-knowledge: Analysis questions Wrapping-up Step 1: Self-knowledge

Step 2: Needs

Main topic: Needs – Main question: What determines your needs? – Number of identification questions: 3 – Number of analysis questions: 4 – Our behavior is often driven by our needs. Knowing that our behavior has consequences, it’s worth contemplating these needs, which are often influenced by our expectations. You may find it helpful to classify your needs. Think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or Tony Robbins’ core human needs. Now, take your time. Allow the answer to surface and take note.


Step 2 – Needs: Identification questions Step 2 – Needs: Analysis questions Wrapping-up Step 2: Needs

Step 3: Expectations

Main topic: Expectations – Main question: What do you expect from life? – Number of identification questions: 2 – Number of analysis questions: 1 – Expectations are strong beliefs that influence what we hope to receive. Our expectations determine how we believe our needs will be met. This is why it’s imperative to become aware of our expectations, because there is a link between our expectations and our experiences. However, this dynamic happens on the subconscious levels of our mind, which is why we often wonder why we don’t get what we asked for. Becoming aware of what it is we truly expect on the deep levels of our subconscious is the first step to changing what we expect to receive, which can have a positive influence on the actual experiences that we have in our lives. Let’s take a deep dive into our expectations!


Step 3 – Expectations: Identification questions Step 3 – Expectations: Analysis questions Wrapping-up Step 3: Expectations

Step 4: Environment

Main topic: Environment – Main question: What do you expose yourself to? – Number of identification questions: 4 – Number of analysis questions: 4  – This section is about what we expose ourselves to. Whereas in psychology we refer to environmental factors mostly when we are talking about social and economic factors, our environment here represents our inner circle, what we read, watch, and listen to. Let’s take some time to map out what we expose ourselves to on a daily basis!


Step 4 – Environment: Identification questions Step 4 – Environment: Analysis questions Wrapping-up Step 4: Environment

Step 5: Source of Strength

Main topic: Source of Strength – Main question: What composes your inner strength? – Number of identification questions: 10 – Number of analysis questions: 6 This fifth step to personal fulfillment is all about your source of strength and is intended to help you during your dark nights of the soul. Let’s take a look!


Step 5 – Source of Strength: Identification questions Step 5 – Source of Strength: Analysis questions Wrapping-up Step 5: Source of Strength

Overall analysis

Great to know that you’ve made it this far. Now it’s time to answer some additional analysis questions so you can start determining meaningful goals that will help you achieve more personal fulfillment in one or more area(s) of your life.Are you ready?


What would you like to change?


It’s now time to decide on your goals for one or more areas of your life.


Your Goals

Bonus Assignment

Let’s cross the bridge!


Your most important goal