5 Steps to Personal Fulfillment – Group Coaching Workshop

Group workshop for five (5) persons. This workshop covers the ‘Five Steps to Personal Fulfillment’ method in six (6) hours. The price includes location, material and food & beverage. Ideal for friends and family.

This price applies for a workshop in Curaçao. Please send an e-mail to info@gilian.life for a quotation in case the workshop should be held in another country. NO OPEN ENROLLMENT.


It’s suddenly possible! That’s what I feel after our coaching sessions. I find it amazing to know that you can accomplish so much with just one powerful tool: questions. Thanks to your questions I’ve been able to get access to the door of unlimited possibility. It’s just all within me, but we all need someone to help us realize this at times. Thank you so much, Gilian.



The following will be covered during the workshop:

  1. Step 1: Self-knowledge
  2. Step 2: Needs
  3. Step 3: Expectations
  4. Step 4: Environment
  5. Step 5: Source of  strength
  6. Overall analysis
  7. Goals

Pick a date and time to discuss the specific needs of your group and we will schedule date, time, and location for the workshop together.


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