5 Steps to Personal Fulfillment


This online program is based on a proven coaching method that will help you gain clarity on the things that will help you achieve more personal fulfillment. This program is ideal to use:

  1. When you’re doing a job that you dislike
  2. When you feel uncertain about your next steps
  3. When you feel a deep sense of discomfort, but don’t know why
  4. When you’re going through changes
  5. When you need to make an important decision
  6. When you want to spend some time with yourself
  7. When a new phase in your life or a new year is starting
  8. When you’re wondering how to take responsibility for your own personal growth
  9. When you’re about to retire

This program is particularly helpful when you’re tired of setting the same quantitative goals and would prefer to focus on the intrinsic qualitative process of self-discovery via which your pre-determined goals are achieved.

This online program consists of 7 modules:
1.       Step 1: Self-knowledge
2.       Step 2: Needs
3.       Step 3: Expectations
4.       Step 4: Environment
5.       Step 5: Source of strength
6.       Overall analysis
7.       Goals
Bonus assignment

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